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Located 60 minutes south of Sydney, 25 minutes south of Sutherland and 25 minutes from Wollongong, YellowtailStay is a private residence with 3 areas available for short term holiday leasing. The areas; The Top Room, The Red Room and The Courtyard Room are attached to the house, but all have separate, independent entrances. Keys can be left in key safes if total independent access is wanted.


The M1 freeway takes you almost there and the city rail will take you to Otford train station 1.8km down the hill. We are surrounded by bush, with few to no taxis, so, generally for a longer stay, a vehicle is needed.


Just about any website or advertisement dealing with The Illawarra or Wollongong or 'south of Sydney’ will have an image of the coast and Sea Cliff Bridge taken from Bald Hill. We are there.  A 30 metre walk from the accommodation at Yellowtailstay takes you that view.

Why YellowtailStay?


We have lots of birdlife in our yard but the most spectacular (and occasionally noisy), is the majestic Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus funereus). They are endemic but not very common. These large parrots are usually seen (and heard) in small flocks flying overhead but occasionally large flocks visit and feast on the hard cones of an overgrown Radiata Pine in our front yard. Other very regular birdlife includes, Kookaburras, King Parrots, Superb Wren, Magpies, Scarlet Rosellas and Satin Bower Birds. Bird wars regularly erupt in the afternoon.


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We have a large backyard, (half a hectare), of lawn and eucalyptus. In it is a couple of ponds, a bbq area and pizza oven some rainforest trees. Exotics include over 120 camellias and countless azaleas.  It is a beautiful place to relax. Chairs, tables and bar be ques are supplied.

Deer are regular visitors to our backyard day and night with Swamp Wallabies and Echidnas occasionally dropping by. If you sit outside at night you may see Ringtail Possums or Sugar Gliders or Leaf Tailed Geckos scurrying up a tree or wall. Our ponds attract a variety of frogs with their mating croaks. You don’t have to use too much imagination to pick the Bleating Tree Frog.


Bush surrounds YellowtailStay on all 4 sides. Crown land on two sides a strip of railway land to the west which conceals a long abandoned tunnel next to Otford Farm.  Otford Rd and Lady Wahkehurst Drive are to the east with the Royal National Park on the other side and The Pacific Ocean another 300 metres, but down a cliff. Our nearest neighbour is 250 metres away though the roadway can be noisy from motor bikes on the weekend.


A track leads along a horse track from YellowtailStay to a ventilation shaft 300 m from the backyard, and, across the road, the newly opened ‘Otford Way’ leads 800 metres along a cliff face through littoral rain forest to The Otford Pantry and the start of The Coast Track. There are views of the rocky coast far below. Otford village is down the hill and has a variety of street and fire trail walks through lush rainforest along The Hacking River. Your accommodation  has a lot going for it, very close by.


Helensburgh is our local town. It is a 5 minutes’ drive away. It has a selection of shops, cafes and services, and a Coles supermarket. It is a modern town but promotes its history with pride. The Helensburgh coal mine is one of the oldest operating coal mines in Australia. Stanwell Park is 5 minutes down the hill.


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Bald Hill - Stanwell Tops


Home to hang gliders, paragliders and one of the greatest views in Australia. When the wind is right, there can be upwards of 30 gliders in the air. Some land back on Bald Hill others head to Stanwell Park Beach. You can take a tandem flight yourself in this the most popular launching site in Australia. Bald Hill is only 30 metres from your accommodation at Yellowtailstay.


Sea Cliff Bridge is in the distance. Take a dawn walk and watch the sunrise on on one of the most iconic stretches of road in Australia or you could take a Harley Davidson Tour or classic car tour along the coast.


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